Rishabh Gold Stainless Steel Water Filter with 4 Candle without joint, Large

Rishabh Gold Water Filter Without Joint is scientifiaclly designed to remove all kinds of Bacteria, Virus, Cyst, and other microbial contaminants from the water so that you can enjoy safe and healthy water. It adds a touch of elegance and aesthetic to your household and is easy to clean and maintain. This water filter is made with 100% food grade material and Non toxic plastic and thus does Not migrate any chemicals to the water. Rishabh Gold Water Filter helps you combat illness and gives you pure and safe drinking water and thus is a must have for everyone.

? Rishabh Gold stainless steel water filter, large ? 4 Ceramic Candles ? Brass Tap ? Stunning silver colour ? Made from 100% Food Grade Material ? Easy to clean and store Country of Origin: BHARAT Grievance officer: Anand Dwivedi 966-779-0872 grievance@hundredplus.in


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