Cello Glassware Amphio 265 Set of 6 Tumblers, 265 ml

Cello Glassware Amphio presents a beautiful creation a set of six tumblers with a volume of 265ml each. Made up of high quality glass and designed with utmost intricacy giving it a premium look matching international standards.These are such a beautiful glasses with sufficient volume. Wherever used these glasses increase the charm of the occasion.

• Brand: Cello Glassware • Product Amphio 265 Set of 6 Tumblers • Volume : 265 Ml • Weight: 216 g • Set of 6 tumblers For services or any query contact, contact@celloworld.com or Website: www.cellloworld.com. Country of Origin: Europe Grievance officer: Anand Dwivedi 966-779-0872 grievance@hundredplus.in


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