Cello Divine Opalware Premium Ricca Mug Small set 6pc decorated design

Cello Divine Opalware Premium Ricca Mug Small Set 6 pc decorated design with all superior features one wishes for to get in a full mug set.Made from extra strong, german technology.Every product has been designed with beautiful patterns on it. It looks superbly beguiling with its white look and smooth surface, It is also thermal resistant. Due to its scratch resistant characteristic, it is easy to preserve for long time in brand new condition if kept under proper care. It is easy to clean and has stackable composition . Due to its light weight it is easy to carry.

Cello Divine Opalware •Microwave safe • 6 pcs Small mug • Decorated design visit www.celloworld.com for any further information and query. Country of Origin: Bharat Grievance officer: Anand Dwivedi 966-779-0872 grievance@hundredplus.in


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