Borosil Stainless Steel Insulated tea Pot, 1000 ml

Borosil stainless steel , insulated double vaccum and copper coating inside (1000ml) Hydra Teapot, with double vacuum and copper coating on the inside. It keeps tea or coffee hot for long hours. It is Designed modernly for Stylish look and feel. Perfect for picnics, long car rides or to keep on your bedside.

• Manufacturer: Borosil • Product: Stainless Steel Tea Pot • Capacity: 1000 ml • Stainless Steel Body • Vaccum Insulated with Copper coating • Rust Free 1 year warranty or as updated by the brand for services or any query contact BOROSIL at: 022-24950567, 1800-224-550, Country of Origin: China Grievance officer: Anand Dwivedi 966-779-0872


  • Delivery Period: Within 7-10 days after confirmation of stock availability
  • Return Period: 7 days