Asian Cosmos Casserole Non Deluxe, 2500 ml

Asian Cosmos Casserole N. DLX, 2500ML, Effective heat reataining casseroles that can make life much easier for you and your family . Now eat a hot and healthy lunch or dinner everyday without reheating it again and again. It is made of stainless steel on the inside and ensures to retain the temperature for a really long time . It has got bowl like look which looks quite beautiful and traditional. Easy handlable grip of the casserole makes it easy to carry.

• Brand: Asian • Product: Asian Cosmos Casserole, NDLX • Capacity: 2500 ml • Double walled • Keeps food hot • Leak proof covers • Plastic handle on top • Beautiful round look 1 years warranty or as updated by the brand for services or any query contact Asian Plastoware at: 91-22-66960033 / 66952426 Country of Origin: BHARAT Grievance officer: Anand Dwivedi 966-779-0872


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